Brinks Welcome Mat judo Club has something for everyone. Whether you are big or small, male or female, a beginner or a black-belt, you are welcome among us. Some of our members enjoy frequent, intense competition, while others prefer to remain on the sidelines during tournaments. Whatever your style, you're sure to fit in.  We are a very close-knit club. We are all friends and we are always happy to accept new members into our club.

That being said

We focus primarly on competitive Judo. Athletes are instructed on throws, pins, submissions (when over 12 years-old) and personal fitness.This is serious training for athletes who want to excel at Competition Judo. Directed, serious training using drills, working on skill and technique with personalized coaching, randori and fitness training designed to develop champions.   We take our Judo very seriously!

We also offer our students training in Shingitai JuJitsu, and Sambo from highly qualified coaches. In addition to providing Judo, Jujitsu, and Sambo training we believe that a cross training program that combines Judo, Shingitai JuJitsu, and Sambo can complement any students' training regiment, making them a more rounded athlete and skilled technician.

Our Mission

To positively impact the lives of our students through the practice of the Olympic sport of Judo.

Head Coach KENNEY BRINK ( 4th Degree Black Belt ) teaches all classes.  Kenney started his Judo training in 1978. His accomplishments include:

World Junior Sambo Bronze Medal Winner.

Kenney won numerous national judo championships in the junior and high school categories and won national sambo championships in the junior and senior categories.   

Kenney competed on numerous international judo and sambo teams and was known for his well-rounded ability both standing and in groundfighting.  He was a member of the U.S. Team competing in the (Under 21) Pan American Judo Championships and won numerous international gold medals in judo at the Canadian National Exposition, Toronto, Canada and other events. He was the U.S. National High School Judo Champion and holds the Welcome Mat record for the most matches in one day (15 matches, with a 14-1 record and a gold medal at one of his many U.S. Junior Nationals).  Kenney was a member of the U.S. Olympic Center Judo Training Squad and considered as one the best judo athletes to ever train at Welcome Mat, Kenney was a rugged, skilled fighter who was equally at home doing sambo as judo.  One of the best technicians to ever train at Welcome Mat.  Kenney is active in hosting local, regional and national judo events.