What Is Shingitai Jujitsu?

Shingitai is a training philosophy and approach to teaching and learning jujitsu, or any martial art for that matter.  "Shin" indicates the determined mental approach to training and personal combat.  It's the "fighting heart" necessary to be successful in any form of grappling or martial art. "Gi" is the realistic technical approach to performing the skills fo jujitsu and martial arts.  Functional, realisitc and pragmatic skills are emphasized over aesthetically pretty, and possible less-effective techniques.  "Tai" is the physical approach to training.  Functional strength and aerobic fitness are very important for succes in any martial art or style of grappling.  Physical fitness is one of the key elements of our approach to jujitsu.  This "Shingitai" philosophy is a fairly old one emphasized in several fighting systems from Japan and John Saylor made it the central part of his approach to training, especially in the martial arts,  back in the early 1980s. Shingitai's main emphasis is self-defense, but also has a national sport jujitsu grappling championship yearly as well as local and regional Shingitai sport jujtisu events held here at Welcome Mat.  In 1984, John Saylor organized the Shingitai Jujitsu Association to promote this philosophy of training and Steve Scott, Welcome Mat's Head Coach, joined this new organization.  Steve and John were (and continue to be) good friends and shared the concept of Shingitai as a central part of their coaching and personal philosophy.  Welcome Mat is an enthsiastic supporter of the Shingitai Jujitsu Association and all belt ranks in jujitsu at our club are issued through this organization.  Shingitai Jujitsu is considered one of the "mainstream" approaches to teaching jujitsu in the United States and recognizes the Japanese masters of jujitsu and judo who came before us as the people who gave us the gift of jujitsu.  Our "Shingitai" approach to jujitsu is a serious and realistic way of teaching and practicing jujitsu.  Shingitai is a pioneer in the concept of a "self-defense athlete" meaning that a person doesn't have to compete in a sport to be considered an "athlete." John Saylor has often said that Shingitai is the "pentathlon of jujitsu" meaning that any practical and effective skills are welcomed and practiced in our approach to grappling, self-defense and martial arts.